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What does a women veteran look like and how do we rewrite the narrative?

The objective of Queen Motivator has been to exist with a voice beyond measure. Being a black women veteran entails the beautiful and harsh reality of many stereotypes. First, the black women veteran is a source of pride, love and continual purpose. As for me and my tribe we have conquered name calling, military sexual trauma and being mistaken for weak. In order to obtain a sense of sanity, sisters we have served with have been equals and our security in insecure times. Women veterans come from various cultural back grounds and sub-demographics. Daily, we are transitioning and healing from our wounds. Whether it was documented or undocumented as a service connected disability we have all endured trauma. So i ask you today my sistas and allies. What does a women veteran look like ? and How do we rewrite the narrative? I appreciate you daily and I thank you for your sacrifices.

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