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Queen Motivator PODCAST Season 1 Episode: Introduction to QM w/ Special Guest: Mojisola Edu

Updated: Feb 27, 2021


Also, TODAY we Launched #QUEENMOTIVATORPODCAST. Special Thanks IG Tag @shewinsnetwork 🤎 IG Tag @lushradioonline 🤎

QMP producer @rene.freddie you are brilliant brotha ✊🏽

@grindmatch #sukg MOTIVATIONAL APPAREL

Season 1 Episode 1 Queen Motivator Podcast: Introduction to Queen Motivator

We got in depth with Queen Motivator on how the journey is going. It was an insight into her journey, challenges and accomplishments.

Stayed Tuned, this is only Season One.

Guest: Mojisola Edu ,Author of "Polishing Your Jewels" (aka: Lush)- Known in the DMV as the “people’s voice”, Mojisola Edu (Lush) is one of today’s fastest rising influencers in the entertainment industry. Mojisola Edu is the Founder and curator of She Wins Network.

Upcoming Women’s Wellness Summit on March 14, 2021.

Lastly, an Army Veteran, Veteran Advocate and Veteran Transitional Coach.

Tune In exclusively on and YouTube (Video), , Patreon (Audio), Soundcloud (Audio), Anchor (Audio)

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