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USMC Veteran and Service Connected Disabled and I still have to pay my Student loans.

Recently, the current president signed a executive order to ensure 100% service connected disabled veterans are discharged from loan forgiveness. Due to private loans and federal loans it has caused many veterans go into debt and create financial hardship. Furthermore, the federal loans are the loans that qualify for loan forgiveness. Now look, the Department of Education has a current policy located on and titled TPD (total and permanent disabled discharge) which does not include service connected disabled veterans whom are not at 100% TPD. After reading comments made online from civilians whom never served and assumed active duty personal was some how provided with FREE benefits which included: education, medical and student loan forgiveness, I had to recoup. Nevertheless, the civilian community in the United States assume military personal are given incentives due to signing a contact with the Department of Defense. The real facts are both active duty and veteran differ depending upon their experiences in the military. We do not join for the money and we definitely did not promise to defend our country foreign and domestically to be not taken serious. I think we are headed in the right direction but I believe more questions needs to be asked to veterans in order to be successful in creating a balance for veterans and their families. How do you feel about financial forgiveness programs that assist veterans that have a service connected disability of 30% or more? The reason I asked is when a veteran is filing any form of federal or state government paper work we are asked, " Are you a veteran with a service connected disability of 30% or more?" I think this statement should be provided for programs such as the loan forgiveness or any financial obligation. This could change so many lives and reduce homelessness across the United States, promote healthy choices, create a positive living and work balance. What are you thoughts Queens and allies? Chime in with questions, comments and concerns.

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