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Life is full of...

Life is full of many possibilities and we have been the leaders of the world. Whether it is being a daughter, sister, mother and/ or military professionals.

For me, my journey of life and understanding of what I wanted in life began at the young age of five. I knew I wanted to become an educator, leader and help others as well.

After I graduated undergraduate in 2011, I made the choice to join the enlisted side of the United States Marine Corps. A decision that would change the course of my life forever...

I left for boot camp May 7, 2012 and swore into the Corps earlier October, 2011. I knew that I would challenge myself beyond measure.

Others ask me, "why did you join?" I joined the enlisted United States Marine Corps because I wanted to do something bigger than myself and wanted to postpone Graduate degree.

Furthermore, I challenge you to leave a comment below and tell your biggest challenge when you enlisted or enlisted as an officer? Lastly, post service how are you challenged as a veteran?

My biggest challenge when I enlisted was I was 24 years old and I was more seasoned than my platoon , which carried on to the fleet. My challenge as a veteran is having a voice and being seen as more than a statistic.

Thank you Queens and Allies for your encouragement!

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