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Wealth and abundance, but first mental health.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

So, today I realized how much I want to be a voice for others on the public or private sector. Mainly, I would love to work with a non profit institution federally funded which insures the coins are definitely secured for employees, programs and day to day needs. I feel like I am walking into an abundance  of wealth and networking. I dont have any money saved at the moment and I am like…:you wanna be a millionaire with no coins…” yes that seems to hunt me along with my childhood thoughts… I’m always eager for the next big thing and afraid  of every bit that comes my way..

So lately, well these past few days and couple of weeks have been challenging for me mentally and emotionally. Mentally i have had to be vulnerable  to complete strangers in order to start a healthier life style and to progress in my day to day… Emotionally, I have had to let go of my past pain and dark thoughts. Although it is not easy, I have surrounded myself with a tribe that feeds me motivation, knowledge and truths. Today I am stronger…

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