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Queen Motivator


Explore our mental health resources for articles, videos, support groups, and hotlines to help you take care of your mind.

Discover our veteran resources for benefits, healthcare, education, and more. We're here to support you and your family.


The Black Woman Thought is the gateway into the mind of Queen Motivator. Explore podcasts, articles, blogs,and more. 

My Story

Meet  the Queen Motivator

I'm Toni Williams - DC local and Memphis native. After graduating from University of Tennessee of Chattanooga, I joined the Marine Corps. During my tour of duty, I served as a Corporal Non- Commissioned Officer In Charge, Vice President of the Single Marine Program, and Program Coordinator for Grate Patrol: DC Metro.


My journey has been eye-opening and healing and has had some bumpy roads. Through therapy, community, and true self-care, I have found myself able to voice my truths. As a black queer woman and a veteran, I belong to many different communities. I built this platform to be a resource for others, like me, with the mission to empower the black woman veterans' voices beyond measure.

If you are reading this, just know you have a voice and you matter.


Semper fi


"Each day takes work." Mojisola Edu

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