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Queen Motivator

Your One Stop Shop For All Things Black, Woman, and Veteran


Here you will find weekly health tips, physician recommendations, support groups, professional references, and other resources.

Get current events, news, job openings,  and updates for Veterans


The Black Woman Thought is the gateway into the mind of Queen Motivator.

My Story


My name is Queen Motivator, aka Toni Williams. I am a Memphis native, University of Tennessee of Chattanooga Alumni and Graduate of Strayer University Masters of Education Program. I reside in the DC metro area and I am creative, passionate and a leader. I am a United States Marines Corps veteran, which I honorably served as a Corporal of Marines. During my tour of duties, I was Non- Commissioned Officer In Charge, Vice President of the Single Marine Program, Program coordinator for Community outreach: Grate patrol  DC Metro and mentor. I built this platform to be a resource that embodies and inspires others like me. The focus of my story is "The Black Woman Veteran," furthermore my mission is to empower the black women veterans voice

 beyond measure.

Fast Forward, 2022 and my journey has been eye opening, healing and some bumpy roads. I have found my self able to voice my truths, feel my pains and understand there is a bright side.

My hope is if you are reading this just know you have a voice and you matter. Also go check out my podcast (black woman thought tab) and leave a comment or two. Semper fi


"Each day takes work." Mojisola Edu

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